Using Competitive Intelligence for Market Research
Competitive Intelligence is known by many names and is often mixed with other terms.

By definition, Competitive Intelligence is a comprehensive form of market research - but it goes several steps further, by being a closed-loop market analysis methodology.
Market intelligence (sometimes called Marketing Intelligence) is primarily focused on the gathering of external data and information from regional or international markets.

While this may lead to a useful outcome in terms of increased knowledge, it takes the established discipline of Competitive Intelligence to fully implement and analyse this knowledge in an enhanced manner to generate actionable insights.

This is somewhat akin to gathering recipes from the internet and still needing the methods to cook, serve, gather feedback and improve. Top restaurants know that recipes are far from enough!

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Many names, one core discipline: Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence is often associated with many other closely associated concepts such as:

  • Competitive Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Strategic Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Competitive Business Intelligence
  • Competitive Market Intelligence
  • Competitive Marketing Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis

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